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Zach and Michael Conway: Aligning Life and Wealth In Investing

Jamie Hopkins - March 17, 2022 - 0 comments

In this episode, Jamie and Ana talk with Zach and Michael Conway from Conway Wealth Group and Seeds Investor. Zach and Michael are longstanding initiators of financial planning focused on not just wealth, but also health and life. Together they launched Seeds, a product aimed at enabling truly intentional, purposeful and personalized investing.

Zach and Michael talk with Jamie and Ana about focusing on the “life” aspect of financial planning for clients and choosing a more productive approach for advisors when talking about sustainable investing.

Key Takeaways

  • How Zach and Michael got started.
  • Inventing a completely digital experience for clients.
  • Choosing a more productive approach when introducing ESG investing.
  • The need for multi-dimensional investors.
  • How advisors should assess and consider what resonates with clients.
  • The purpose of Seeds.
  • Resources for advisors.
  • Zach and Michael’s legacy.


In terms of breaking the status quo of the industry, understanding the investor has to be multi-dimensional now. It’s not just about risk tolerance and time horizon.”Zach Conway

“Have a conversation with us. Start with the basics. Maybe start talking about one client. How do you engage that one plane? What is the process? How do you position it? How do you take them through the diagnostic? So, begin with the end in mind, but start at the beginning. You’re not going to be an expert in this stuff on day one.”Michael Conway


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