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Kenneth W. Gronbach: The Dynamics of Change in Demography and Migration

Jamie Hopkins - September 12, 2023 - 0 comments

Understanding the dynamics of demographics, migration patterns, and their impact is now more crucial than ever.

These factors play a tremendous role in shaping our industry, market trends, and societal dynamics.

In this episode, Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, and Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, speak with Kenneth Gronbach, President at KGC Direct, LLC about demography, migration, and their impact on various industries, including financial planning. Ken emphasizes the importance of understanding population dynamics and catering to their needs in an age of increasing immigration.

Join in as they also talk about the challenges faced by immigrants, the wealth transfer from baby boomers to millennials, and the housing shortage.

Ken discusses: 

  • How shifting demographics, such as the exit of baby boomers from certain age categories, can impact the success of businesses and markets
  • Generational differences, including the smaller size of Generation X compared to the baby boomers and millennials
  • The importance of reaching the Latino market
  • The underemployment and unemployment of felons, particularly African American men, and its impact on the labor market
  • The challenge of managing the transfer of wealth from baby boomers to millennials and the need for financial planning and guidance
  • The current housing situation for millennials and the need for multi-family housing due to the shortage of housing units
  • And more!

Connect with Jamie Hopkins and Ana Trujillo Limón: 

Connect with Kenneth Gronbach:

About our Guest: 

Kenneth W. Gronbach is a gifted keynote speaker and nationally recognized author, expert, and futurist in the field of Demography and Generational Marketing. He makes the science of shifting demographics come alive with real-life examples that are relevant to today’s culture, business climate, and economy. With nearly three decades of experience in retail advertising and marketing, Ken saw the direct results of shifting demographics in his clients’ profits. Eventually, his passion for the subject changed his career. This was for the benefit of readers of his books and attendees of his keynotes and other presentations.

As a keynote speaker, Ken entertains his audiences with his special brand of wit, humor, and common sense. He makes complicated concepts clear with real-world explanations anyone can follow. Ken’s overall perspective is macro – a view from 30,000 feet, and a very big picture. Even non-technical audiences will learn immediately useful information from his presentations. Ken is always positive, upbeat, and pro-America.


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