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Sonya Dreizler & Liv Gagnon: Bringing Diverse Perspectives into the Spotlight

Jamie Hopkins - March 7, 2022 - 0 comments

Getting other people’s perspectives is essential to nurturing and growing our society. We were not all born the same; we didn’t grow up in the same environment or have the same opportunities. To break down those barriers and create a more diverse and equitable society, we need representation from all walks of life.

This week’s guests, Sonya Dreizler and Liv Gagnon, founders of Choir, talk with Jamie and Ana about how they recognized the opportunity to represent different perspectives after attending multiple events with the same speakers and the same topics. That epiphany helped lead Sonya and Liv to create Choir, the first diversity certification for financial conferences.

Key Takeaways

  • People want to attend conferences and gain new insights from diverse thinkers or feel that their perspectives are being represented. Choir provides conference organizers with the tools to build diversified speaker selections for events.
  • Choir can help rank your conferences and determine the overall visibility of women, non-binary people and people of color.
  • Event planners should find ways for audience members to connect by creating networking events where everyone is included. Instead of speed dating, try speed networking!


“We would love for Choir to completely disrupt the financial services industry and put more brilliant voices of women and people of color on stage.” – Liv Gagnon


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