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Odaro Aisueni: Get Ready for Gen Z Advisors

Jamie Hopkins - November 7, 2022 - 0 comments

In the past, advisors sometimes took a circuitous route to their profession via roles at brokerage firms, insurance companies and altogether unrelated workplaces. But the rise of undergraduate financial planning programs is letting college students jump into advising from the start.

Just ask Odaro Aisueni, wealth planning administrator with Carson Group. Odaro majored in personal financial planning at Texas Tech University, a program that showed him not only how to work with clients, but also how to market himself and build his brand. For Odaro, who says he’s been on social media since third grade, that means having a big online presence.

“The majority of our alumni went on to become fiduciaries, so I knew it was never the intention to go knock on doors (for business), but I still understood that I would have to generate revenue,” he says. “My life has always revolved around social media and putting things out there.”

Inspired by his Nigerian immigrant parents, Odaro says he never stops hustling. This includes writing blog posts, serving as a subject matter expert for personal finance articles, preparing to ace the Certified Financial Planner exam and DJing in his spare time.

In today’s episode, Odaro sits down with Ana and Jamie to give his take on Gen Z social media marketing, why LeBron James and Barack Obama were his childhood role models and how having to share a Snickers bar with his brother fueled his drive to succeed.

Key Takeaways

  • With more college students majoring in financial planning, the new generation of advisors is more intentional about their career paths.
  • RIA firms that want to attract younger advisors must embrace social media and have a presence on multiple platforms.
  • To help close the racial wealth gap, the financial advice industry should recruit and support more Black advisors.


“In college, I was a Coca-Cola campus ambassador. It was awesome to see the importance of marketing and branding from one of the best branding companies. I thought, ‘If this is what one of the biggest companies in the world is doing, maybe I should try to align some of these practices with myself.’” – Odaro Aisueni


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