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Megan McCoy: Unpacking Trust and the Power of Financial Planning Communication

Jamie Hopkins - April 3, 2023 - 0 comments

Megan McCoy, a passionate researcher, teacher and financial planner, joins Jamie and Ana on the Framework podcast to discuss how a practitioner’s communication and office environment can drastically improve the financial planning process, despite the challenging odds of achieving gender parity in the field.

“Developing skills to be empathetic to others and a better listener is essential for financial planning,” Megan says.

Through discussion of communication tips for financial planners and clients, Megan revealed her insight that communication can be emotional, and that when a person chooses a financial planner, the environment of their meeting place plays a big role in their choice.

She also highlighted the difficulty of achieving true gender equality in the financial industry and encouraged people to do what they love. Megan has dedicated herself to making a difference in the financial industry and has inspired others to do the same.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why advisors often do not hire other advisors for themselves.
  • What tips advisors can use to improve their communication.
  • How financial planners can structure their practices to better serve clients.

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