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Mary Kate Gulick: Write a Book to Supercharge Your Business

Jamie Hopkins - November 23, 2022 - 0 comments

As a financial services marketing veteran who has coached numerous successful business owners, Mary Kate Gulick knows the power of authorship in establishing professional credibility. In fact, the Chief Marketing Officer for Carson Group has written her own book, aptly titled The Real Deal: Get Known for Your Genuine Expertise in an Era of Bullsh*t Gurus.

“When you ask people what they think makes someone an expert, their top answer is a best-selling book,” she says. “Having that tangible visual instantly makes you more authoritative.”

Sending your book as a giveaway to clients or prospects is an unbeatable business development technique to build trust and establish credibility, she adds. While many advisors may dream of becoming an author, they might consider it much trickier than it is.

“Writing a book isn’t hard unless you make it hard,” Mary Kate says, “as long you know what you’re talking about.”

That opinion leads to her positive assessment of the new book Find Your Freedom: Financial Planning for a Life on Purpose, by Jamie Hopkins, Esq., CFP®, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions at Carson Group, and Ron Carson, CFP®, founder and CEO of Carson Group.

Financial planning is misunderstood by many as a relatively new term and practice.

“We are a guide, not to a destination but to a transformed state. This book explains that in a way that’s emotionally resonant,” Mary Kate says.

In today’s episode, Mary Kate talks to Jamie about her top tips for writing a book, the pros and cons of various publishing methods and how she defines financial freedom for herself.

Key Takeaways

  • The concept of “financial freedom” is highly customizable because it’s unique for everyone, and the role of a financial advisor is to create a path to get there.
  • The key to writing a book is organization: starting with the outcome, adding in the associated milestones and then the tasks that will allow you to hit those milestones.


“Many financial advisors don’t think first about meeting people where they are; we tell them what they need. While it’s from a good intent, we need to approach a problem based on the desired outcome, rather than the process.” – Mary Kate Gulick


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