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Kevin Mayeux: Adding Value and Building a Strategic Plan That Sticks

Jamie Hopkins - April 5, 2021 - 0 comments

On today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Kevin Mayeux, CEO of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA).

At just 11, Kevin started his own lawn mowing business. He expanded, scaled, saved half his earnings, and eventually saved up enough money to buy his first car. Heading into college, he had aspirations to become a lawyer, but candidly, the profession bored him. So he took a job running Florida’s state student association fighting for things like lower tuition and need-based aid.

He’s now worked in association management for more than 20 years. After two decades, Kevin’s learned a thing or two about adding value and building a strategic plan that actually embeds itself in a company rather than sitting untouched on a proverbial shelf.

Kevin chats with Jamie about the need for transparency when implementing a company-wide plan, how he’s managed to unite his organization under a single vision, and growth despite a global pandemic.

(27:22) “For an association, the key is really producing value. And showing people what that value prop is and helping them see that the dollars and the time that you invest in this will pay you dividends. And that can be direct financial compensation, but it can also be rewarding on whatever level you think has value to you. And so it’s again, for me, trying to make sure that the organization has a strong value proposition.” ~ Kevin Mayeux

Main Takeaways

  • Transparency and including staffers from all levels of an organization is key to building an effective strategic plan. People like to feel that they’re listened to, regardless of whether their ideas actually make it in.
  • When executing a strategic plan, bake elements of the plan into budgets and performance indicators to regularly hold the organization accountable.
  • Character and hard work will pay off in a working environment, but both are equally as important. There are great people whose complacency prevents them from moving further along.
  • Throughout COVID-19, NAIFA’s virtual events have far surpassed their in-person gatherings attendance-wise.

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