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Julie Ragatz & Mary Kate Gulick: Women in Financial Services & Uncovering the Barriers

Jamie Hopkins - March 6, 2023 - 0 comments

Be an ally and join the fight for social justice in financial services with the power of empathy, transparency and collaboration.

Julie Ragatz is Vice President of Next Gen and Advisor Development Programs at Carson Group, and Mary Kate Gulick is the Senior Vice President of Advisor Marketing and Sales Enablement at Carson Group.

In this episode, Julie and Mary Kate discussed the lack of progress in the financial services industry in terms of women and diversity.

“Pain pushes and vision pulls. And where we are right now is this industry is not in pain yet,” Julie says. “… So we have to have the vision, and for me, this is a deeply, and impactfully, an issue of social justice.”

Julie and Mary Kate also discussed the need for an intersectional approach to encourage more diverse women into the industry, and the importance of male allies in creating a more equitable environment.

Through their own stories, Mary Kate and Julie highlighted the need for people in positions of influence to understand the intersectional experiences of prospective industry workers, and to create a vision of an inclusive and accepting industry that works to remove systemic barriers to entry.

Through their experience and expertise, they have worked to make financial services a more equitable and welcoming industry.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How the lack of improvement in diversity and inclusion in the financial services industry has been due to confusing activity with outcomes.
  • What strategies can be used to encourage more women and people of color to enter the financial services industry.
  • How men can become better allies to women in the workplace, and the role mentorship plays in this.

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