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Julie Ragatz & Kellan Brown: Growing Through Mentorship

Jamie Hopkins - August 7, 2023 - 0 comments

Who was your mentor who got you to where you are today?

In this episode, Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, speaks with Julie Ragatz, Ph.D., Vice President, Next Gen and Advisor Development Programs, and Kellan Brown, Chief Growth Officer at Income Lab, about the importance of mentorship in the financial services industry. The conversation touches on personal money memories, favorite foods, and the qualities of a good mentor. They discuss the structured mentorship program implemented by FinServ Foundation and the benefits of mentorship for both mentors and mentees.

Julie and Kellan discuss: 

  • The importance of mentorship in shaping careers
  • The growth and success of the FinServ Foundation
  • The benefits of mentorship for individuals and companies
  • Qualities of a good mentor and the impact of mentorship on mentors and mentees
  • Delivering tough conversations in an empowering way
  • Lessons learned from leadership and the value of trust
  • Paying it forward and supporting young professionals in the financial services industry
  • Their definition of freedom and equipping children with resilience.
  • And more



Connect with Jamie Hopkins and Ana Trujillo Limón: 

Connect with Julie Ragatz:

Connect with Kellan Brown:

About our Guests: 

Across three different industries Kellan Brown has experienced a dynamic difference in culture, personality, and strategy. Utilizing these experiences and being able to shift in this everchanging world, has given her an advantage to build effective, purpose-driven organizations, with partnerships that have elevated each company and executive team she has worked with. Kellan attributes her proven success to her ability to build effective networks while also mentoring the next generation of great minds.

Julie Ragatz, Ph.D is the VicePresident, Next Gen and Advisor Development Programs at Carson Group, and Executive Director at FinServ Foundation. Julie has just over 23 years of experience in the financial services industry. Julie received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Temple University after an MA in Social and Political Philosophy from Marquette University.


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