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Joelle Martinez: Unleashing the Economic and Social Potential of Diversity

Jamie Hopkins - January 4, 2022 - 0 comments

Latinos are still underrepresented in leadership roles, despite the fact that diversity and inclusion drive real progress in businesses. As financial leaders, how do we address this issue?

In today’s episode, Ana talks with Joelle Martinez, President, and CEO of Latino Leadership Institute.

For more than seven years, Joelle has been with LLI promoting socially responsible leadership to, and for, the growing Latino population in the US. Joelle believes that every industry needs leaders with a different lens and different perspectives to create a true impact. Prior to LLI, Joelle was making a name in politics and consulting.

Joelle talks with Ana about how leadership programs should be based on neurosciences, why self-awareness should be at the center of diversity goals, and why understanding and honoring Latino roots can impact not just the BIPOC population, but every American.

Key Takeaways

  • Why savings bonds were a better gift for young Joelle Martinez than Legos and Barbies.
  • Joelle’s path to LLI.
  • LLI on unleashing the full economic and social potential of diversity.
  • How to build a leadership program based on neuroscience.
  • How to develop empathy alongside professional skillsets.
  • Why the low number of BIPOC businesses is alarming.
  • How people’s journeys are different and why it matters.
  • Why Joelle sees every success of Latinos and Latinas in LLI as her legacy.

“The Latino Leadership Institute has a pretty bold and ambitious mission. And that is we believe that we can unleash the full economic and social potential of diversity by identifying, preparing, and elevating extraordinary, talented, high-potential leaders across sectors in industries, and it creates this ripple effect.” – Joelle Martinez


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