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Jay Lipman: How to Talk About ESG With Clients

Jamie Hopkins - March 15, 2022 - 0 comments

In this episode, Jamie and Ana talk with Jay Lipman, co-founder and President of Ethic. Jay uses data to help companies understand how to utilize their resources to impact not just their clients, but society as a whole.

Jay talks with Jamie and Ana about how to talk about ESG with clients, and how ESG strategies impact companies and investors.

Key Takeaways

  • How to live on a plant-based diet in New York.
  • When did Jay start pursuing a career in finance?
  • How Jay’s trip to Africa lit the fire to create more impact.
  • Understanding human capital, human life and natural resources.
  • Ethics and changing the conversation.
  • How to run a business that pushes for sustainable investing.
  • How to help clients understand the real issues.
  • The importance of visionary leadership.
  • Opportunities and challenges in ESG investing.
  • The need for personalization in advocating for ESG investing.
  • Should corporate behavior be aligned with your values and social responsibilities?


“The idea was philosophy will give me the kind of moral compass to understand what one should do. Politics is how you change the systems from a regulatory perspective. And then economics was really the driver of systemic change because it’s how money flows.”Jay Lipman

“This entire industry is based on relationships and trust, which is ultimately the only thing that can never be commoditized.”Jay Lipman


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