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Gabe Rissman: How ESG Creates Impact for Clients

Jamie Hopkins - March 16, 2022 - 0 comments

In this episode, Jamie and Ana talk with Gabe Rissman, co-founder and President of YourStake. Gabe and his partner built an ESG platform for financial advisors from different high-value firms to demonstrate the impact of their investors’ portfolios. With the use of metrics and other data, Gabe and his team are able to give effective strategies on how to help clients see the positive impact their investments can make.

Gabe talks with Jamie and Ana about the importance of firms’ commitment to ESG, the need for portfolio metrics to avoid greenwashing and how to have better ESG conversations with clients.

Key Takeaways

  • How Gabe got into finance.
  • The shift from student activist to ESG investing advocate.
  • Trends in ESG investing since 2016.
  • Is it ESG investing or just greenwashing?
  • Why is there still a misguided perception around ESG’s performance?
  • What is shareholder democracy?
  • What should firms do to not slip back into unsustainability?
  • ESG is not exclusive to climate activists.
  • How Gabe’s father inspired him to focus on his advocacy.
  • How to get clients to start a fully sustainable investing journey.


“2021 was a year of just amazing growth. Advisors are still getting questions about ESG, but now instead of exploring, they want to dive in. Advisors know that this is the future. They can differentiate their practice based on ESG, and they’re going to fall behind if they don’t.”Gabe Rissman

“The advisor community is the most important community for sustainable investing by far. Asset managers can come up with really cool products, but if advisers aren’t listening to what clients care about and pushing for solutions, then asset managers aren’t going to create really cool products.” Gabe Rissman


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