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Dr. Daralee Barbera: The Access Point to Financial Literacy

Jamie Hopkins - August 2, 2021 - 0 comments

In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Dr. Daralee Barbera, the President of Diversified Professional Coaching, LLC.

Dr. Daralee Barbera is a professor, a professional business coach, and a consultant. Daralee began her career as a teacher and never thought she’d enter the finance world. While practicing teaching, she explored and did financial planning on the side—this signaled a career shift. Clients were piling up quickly and she made the shift to full-time financial planner.

Understanding financial planning gave her a greater purpose: to help others. After finishing her doctorate, Dr. Barbara wrote books on the topics most interesting to her and managed various professional organizations. Currently, she leads her own company and continues to advocate for financial education and gender diversity in financial services.

Dr. Barbara talks to Jamie about the access points of financial literacy and the importance of gender diversity in the finance industry.

“Financial Planning is important education. This is critical knowledge. If you have your finances together, you’ve got choices, you understand where you are, you understand where you’re going, and you have a plan to get there. Life doesn’t get better than that.” ~ Dr. Daralee Barbera 

Main Takeaways

  • Say no to the traditional style of schooling. Find ways to collaborate and network with others outside of the classroom and find real-world ways to practice your skills and knowledge.  
  • Trust the process. The education system teaches you to make the best out of limited resources (e.g., time, funding, etc.) and it can sometimes take time to see the full impact of those lessons in your daily life.
  • Financial education is immensely important. Financial management is fundamental in everyone’s life and should be taught by educators. 
  • The current role of a financial advisor is critical now more than ever. Financial advisors need to give in-depth insights to improve their client’s state of financial literacy.

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