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Dan Moisand: Show People How Much You Care

Jamie Hopkins - January 9, 2023 - 0 comments

In this episode of the Framework podcast, Dan Moisand, incoming Chair of the CFP Board and past President of FPA, shares his journey of discovering the power of financial planning and how his passion for helping others has enabled him to build a successful practice on the Space Coast.

“It is a cliché because it’s true: People don’t know how much you care until they know you care.”

Dan spoke with Ana and Jamie about his journey into the profession and his experience with FPA. He shared how he stumbled across a financial plan and eventually affiliated with LPL. Dan’s appreciation for FPA grew as he networked and realized the diversity of other financial planners.

Dan also shared the importance of providing the best service to clients and leveraging the skills of other talented people. Dan’s journey to success in the profession and business has been a slow, yet exponential growth.

Key Takeaways

  • How to leverage the power of real financial planning to grow a business.
  • The importance of networking and connecting with other financial planners.
  • The value of taking the time to explain financial concepts to clients in a way that they understand.

Carson Group is committed to advancing financial literacy. Our coaches work with thousands of FPA members. Schedule a consultation to learn how Carson can help you help your clients and grow your business.

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