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Changing the Complexion of Wealth and Striking Out on Your Own with Emlen Miles-Mattingly

Jamie Hopkins - February 15, 2021 - 0 comments

In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Emlen Miles-Mattingly, the host of the Minority Money Podcast and founder and CEO of Gen Next Wealth based in Madera, CA.

Emlen grew up understanding that the only way he was going to have money is if he worked for it. His aunt helped him understand the importance of creating a saving habit early on in his life, a habit he still carries with him.

In his youth, Emlen had a series of odd jobs. He worked from being a bank teller to being a branch manager. His role as a teller shined a light on the disconnect that exists within big banks; people simply do not know how their money works. That pushed Emlen to learn more about financial planning and set him on the path to starting his own firm.

Emlen talks with Jamie about his journey to being a financial advisor, his work with minorities, his struggles in creating generational wealth for clients, and strategies and actions he’s taking to help his clients build critical resources.

(28:33) “When I worked at the bank in a lower-income area, I got to see it there firsthand. I got to see people living on social security. I got to see people just not doing well. And I said, you know what? I have to let minorities know that I’m here and working for them. And it was the best decision that I’ve ever made.” ~ @emilesmattingly

Main Takeaways

  • Just because a professional is educated and excellent at their skillset doesn’t mean they know how to run a business. The advisor’s role is to help others see the potential of their earnings and put them on the right path with their finances.
  • If you’re breaking out on your own, having other people hold you accountable is an essential part of your growth and success. 
  • Routines are critical for success. Building a consistent routine will have a direct impact on your revenue. 
  • Genuinely listening to your client, many of whom have never felt they’ve been listened to, is the only path to building a plan and helping them accomplish their goals.

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