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Building Relationships and Being Kind to Yourself with Nina O’Neal

Jamie Hopkins - August 10, 2020 - 0 comments

In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Nina O’Neal, a partner and investment advisor at Archer Investment Management, as well as the founder of Female Advisor Network.

Nina never expected to become a financial advisor. With a degree in English and a minor in creative writing, Nina saw herself as a writer, and financial planning  was not high on her list of careers to pursue. However, Nina found that she loved building a business, and nurturing relationships with clients and other stakeholders.

Nina talks with Jamie about her background, how 2020 has affected her business, and her passion for supporting other female advisors.

“I really just want to do the right thing for the right reasons for the client all the time, without any sales directive, the need to open a new account, or pressure to work with anybody to meet a goal. I love to be a business owner and help other business owners. ~ @noneal510

Main Takeaways

  • Regardless of the business you’re in, relationships matter. Everything revolves around having clear communication with your clients.
  • Build your network early. A safe space within your industry will be helpful. A community of like-minded people, with shared practices and principles, is irreplaceable.
  • Defining and tracking your metrics are paramount — these are what will help you find the most likable and profitable client profiles that fit your business.
  • Be kind to yourself. We’re in the middle of some very challenging times in 2020. Give yourself (and your clients) time to engage with your feelings.

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