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Brent Petty: Thriving in Retirement Planning

Jamie Hopkins - July 24, 2023 - 0 comments

As financial advisors, it’s important to think about the impact you have not just financially and on your stakeholders, but on the community as a whole.

In this episode, Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, speaks with Brent Petty, President of Advisory Services at Northwest Capital Management, about how to build the framework of retirement planning into a wealth management firm. The conversation takes a deep dive into the future of the retirement plan space, emphasizing the need for improved participant experience and engagement. Brent sheds light on the evolving dynamics between plan sponsors, advisors, and participants, and stresses the importance of considering people, planet, and profit when building a lasting legacy.

Brent discusses: 

  • Brent’s first money memory and his transition to retirement planning
  • What people are looking for in the RFP space
  • The future of retirement planning and the importance of human interaction and guidance
  • Understanding the needs of clients at different career stages
  • Building trust with clients through full-service experiences and comprehensive financial planning
  • What the B-Corp status means and what it takes to achieve it
  • Why focusing on your external impact, your clients, and your stakeholders leads to long-term success and a lasting legacy
  • And more



Connect with Jamie Hopkins and Ana Trujillo Limón: 

Connect with Brent Petty:

About our Guest: 

Brent Petty is the Managing Director, Partner, and Senior Investment Advisor at North West Capital Management. With his expertise as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Accredited Investment Fiduciary™, he specializes in creating personalized and tax-efficient strategies that empower clients to define and achieve their financial goals. After graduating from Northern Arizona University, Brent transitioned from a career in law enforcement as a police officer to the financial services industry. With over two decades of experience, he has established himself as a trusted financial advisor, working with foundations, endowments, institutional retirement plans, and families. Beyond his professional endeavors, Brent maintains an active lifestyle through hiking and running. When he finds the opportunity, he enjoys escaping to the serene Oregon coast.


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