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Austin Hatch: Overcoming Adversity

Jamie Hopkins - July 17, 2023 - 0 comments

How can adversity lead to success?

In this episode, Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, and Odaro Aisueni, Wealth Planning Administrator, speak with Austin Hatch, Inspirational Speaker at Overcome It, LLC, about his incredible story of survival and resilience. Through his experiences, Austin highlights the importance of setting goals, being a great teammate, and finding ways to add value. He also reflects on the transformative power of becoming a father and how it has shifted his goals and priorities.

Austin discusses: 

  • His story of resilience from surviving 2 plane crashes
  • What a holistic view of success looks like
  • How sharing his life experiences helps others overcome adversity and turn negatives into positives
  • The impact of becoming a father on his goals and mentality
  • The importance of setting goals, making small commitments, and holding yourself accountable to achieve success
  • Why empathy and the ability to see things from different perspectives is so important
  • What freedom means to him
  • And more


Connect with Jamie Hopkins and Odaro Aisueni: 

Connect with Austin Hatch:

About our Guest: 

In the first 28 years of Austin Hatch’s life, he survived two plane crashes that tragically claimed the lives of his entire immediate family. The second crash occurred just nine days after he accepted a scholarship to play basketball for Michigan. When he came out of a two-month-long coma after the second plane crash, Austin had to relearn how to walk, talk, and live a normal life. The road to recovery was tough, but thanks to an incredible team of doctors, nurses, therapists, his family and friends, and Coach Beilein’s incredible integrity, he was blessed to be a part of the team at Michigan for four years. Austin is now a full-time motivational speaker with a message about Grit & Thriving in the midst of adversity. We all face challenges every day. He believes part of his purpose in life is to help others find ways to thrive.


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