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Alana Macy and Amy Noel: Building a Successful Firm

Jamie Hopkins - June 26, 2023 - 0 comments

Have you ever thought about starting a family business?

In this episode, Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, and Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, speak with Alana Macy, CFP®, MBA, Wealth Advisor at Bloom Wealth Advisors, and Amy Noel, MBA, CFP®, Founder, Wealth Advisor at Bloom Wealth Advisors about their experience running a mother-daughter team and partnering with Carson. Alana and Amy emphasize the importance of communication and trust in business partnerships as they share the need to lean into each other’s strengths and prioritize their relationship outside of work. They also highlight the benefits of partnering with a larger firm and taking advantage of their resources, rather than trying to steer the ship in a different direction.

Alana and Amy discuss: 

  • Their experience of working together as a mother-daughter team in a family business
  • The crucial elements for a successful family business: trust, communication, and partnership
  • The importance of leaning into each other’s strengths and communicating effectively
  • Their decision to join Carson Partners, and the benefits of continuously learning from other partners and utilizing their resources
  • How lessons of trust, communication, and partnership are universal and can be applied to any type of business
  • And more



Connect with Jamie Hopkins and Ana Trujillo Limón: 

Connect with Alana Macy:

Connect with Amy Noel:


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